KARE is a second parent for your child when you are not at home..

KARE is a scientific, innovative and motivational concept to motivate students to study by their own. It helps students to grow when parents, schools & teachers give up. KARE is more about making complicated things simpler. This concept helps to increase the Concentration power in students. KARE motivates your child and creates a passion for learning. We at KARE, shape your child’s behaviour.

Children of different ages, backgrounds and personalities experience different challenges in developing their hidden talent. In such situation, KARE observes them, find out their desires, hidden potential, level of interest, difficulties, their likes/dislikes, their habits, their strength as well as weaknesses.… We at KARE, do a complete research on student’s I.Q. level, time of birth, family background, psychological condition, parenting culture and biological cycle. We identify and understand their feelings & opinions.

According to this study, KARE team prepares C.S.P. (Customize Study Programme) may called a Self training schedule for a complete day (from waking up early morning maybe 4 o'clock till going to bed i.e. 10.30 pm) for your child.

KARE focuses on Memory improvement techniques, Academic support, Concentration while studying. This amazing concept develops your child’s personality as well as improve his/her academic results. This concept not only helps in building self-confidence in students but also changes his/her attitude, manages anger, motivate and generate interest for studies. Once a student understands the innovative KARE concept, he/she can produce excellent result with significant performance.

What is KARE?

KARE is a unique Innovative scientific concept, introduced for the first time in the field of education, through which any school/college going student...

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How KARE Functions?

KARE prepares C.S.P. ( Customized Study Program)for a student and then KARE will implement ,execute and monitor along with the student ,and at the end...

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Who can join KARE & When?

Any student staying in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai ,from the age of 6 years to 21 years , from any board (State/CBSE /ICSE/ IGCSE) , of any stream (Arts/Commerce/Science), can join any time....

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Is KARE a Coaching Centre?

KARE is neither a coaching class nor tutorial nor group tution nor private tuition nor a teacher’s bureau.

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